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holly shit.


I’m not an artist and I jizzed myself.

This is pure porn.


And where can i get one of these? Infact noppe, i don’t have a spare £1000.


So beautiful. The problem with this is, I’d probably never ever use it because all the pencils and pastels look so perfect and I just wouldn’t want any of them to get shorter or risk braking dirtying any of it. 

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The CW announced the title of the highly-anticipated “Supernatural” spinoff series on Wednesday (Jan. 29). The new series will be called “Supernatural: Tribes,” Deadline reports.
The backdoor pilot — which will air as an episode during Season 9 — will explore the different hunter and monster cultures in Chicago, and how the two come into conflict with each other.
And not to worry, “Supernatural” fans: None of the actors known from parent series “Supernatural” will leave for the spinoff, though there’s always a chance they might appear. A new character will be introduced in the backdoor pilot who will go on to lead the spinoff series.

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And thus, a whole slew of material for Dresden Files Supernatural crossovers was born.


Supernatural AU - Good Omens; With Naomi as Aziraphale & Abaddon as Crowley. (Inspired by this post.)

The world will end on Saturday.  Next Saturday.  Just before dinner, according to The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, the world’s only completely accurate book of prophecies written in 1655.  The armies of Good and Evil are amassing and everything appears to be going according to Divine Plan.  Except that a somewhat fussy angel and a fast-living demon are not actually looking forward to the coming Rapture.  And someone seems to have misplaced the Antichrist.”


After they fall - A Supernatural fancomic

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Inventory done. All artefacts relative on witches are in room A-14.
(As always, Cant was a bitch about it. Why can’t we have a secretary to do this job ?)

Sam closed another book and put it with the other countless journals of various Men of letters. Most of it was a day to day narration of nothing important ; inventories, new books added to the collection, interrupted experimentations, and sometimes a vaguely interesting description of a new objects.  And lots and lots of off-side remarks about co-workers. It wasn’t even things that could relate to politics in the bunker. No, it was purely petty comments of no interest. It seems even a group like the Men of Letters, dedicated to knowledge and secrecy, wasn’t above gossip.
Dean would be devastated to know this legacy wasn’t as perfect as he liked to think. One of the many problems in his brother’s life : the way he always would put other people on a pedestal. His father, his brother, Cas, now Men of Letters ; Like he couldn’t accept the fact that he could be their equal, and not the tool or the protector.

He has always known it, in the same way he has always known Dean would do anything for him. Now… it was more that knowing it. He remembered. Every tiny little things, every act of Dean. Those things he couldn’t understand as a kid… and that he would have preferred never being reminded of as an adult.

Sam put his hand on his face as the beginning of a headache crept along his skull.

Every day it was like that : getting up, running with Cas, meditating until he could begin to process his mind. Then trying to do something useful, like reading the journal of dead Men of Letters with the hope new information wouldn’t mess too much with the older ones who were just waiting a moment of weakness to pop in front of his mind.
Subjects were random, sometimes triggered by what he was reading, sometimes something else. Yesterday he found himself reliving a soccer match in tenth grade after looking at a book the same exact shade of color as was his shirt then.
Mainly, he didn’t remember about hunting, school or demons. It was about what or who included it all, the only fixed point of his existence : Dean. It was only logical, as his brother has shared all his life minus a 4 year gap.

It was strange, remembering it all. Even with the flavor of the past, he understood things as an adult now. Dean making dinner for him at 8 years old, serious as no kid should ever be. Dean, older but still too young, talking to a motel manager to convince him to wait a few more days before calling Child Protection Service about the two kids alone in their room for three days now.
The times when child-Sam would cried because there wasn’t any more milk or cereals and Dean would come back later with grocery, even when now-Sam knew there wasn’t any money left.

Some of it, Sam would have been perfectly fine not knowing. Like the time Dean would come back from a “talk” with a manager only to lock himself in the bathroom, coming back a long time later, eyes haunted. It wasn’t even a lone instance. Sam had nearly been sick the first time he had understood the extent of what Dean did for his father and him.

" If you want to sleep there’s better pillows in the bunker than old books. "

Dean’s voice brought him back to the present, where a cup of coffee was waiting just before his nose. Sam grabbed it with a relieved smile. Wandering in sad memories wasn’t his favorite pastime these days.

" Thanks. Men of letters were better at archiving than at writing journal. Most of them are totally useless."

Dean cast a look at the discarded pile and, next to it, at the perfectly neat one he still had to read.

" Why are you so stuck to read them all ? "

" I thought… maybe there was a chance there was something useful in one of them. You know, not about the knowledge, there’s enough of it in the bunker to please me until the end of times, but about what they were : The men behind the organization, Why they would bury themselves here."

" Are you Ok Sammy ? You’re thinking hiding in library for the sake of knowledge is not a valid choice ?"

He could tell Dean was containing his laughter, his smile barely concealed by his coffee.

" That’s not the point, you know it. Maybe they were… I don’t know ? Influenced to think it was the good thing to do !"

" Or maybe they did it because they thought it was the thing to do. That if they didn’t do it, there would be no one to do it."

Of course it would be his brother’s answer. The same one that had him go mad when he was younger, when he thought it was only the answer Dean would give because it was what their father wanted. Now… it didn’t matter why : Dean really believed it.

"Is that enough to justify anything ?"

Dean shrugged.

"Dunno. There’s no one left to ask."

" What do you think ?"

Dean seemed a bit surprised by his insistence and for a second, Sam thought Dean knew exactly what was in his mind. Until Dean answered, a playful smile on his face.

" It’s a game Sam. And when you play you win or you die."

" Isn’t that…"

" Game of trones ? Yep, I came to tell you we were beginning season 2. You coming ? "

Maybe today was not the day to confront the past and sorting Dean’s issue. Were there anytime good to brought back memories that were now far away for his brother ? It was Sam’s problem now, and it would only hurt Dean to know he was now aware of things he would prefer hidden.
Sam put on his best fake smile, learnt from the master himself : Dean.

" Of course. Just a minute I need to put them back in their shelves."

" Ok, don’t forget your tissues Samantha. I know you’re going to cry."

The only constant in his life : being a brother.



hey, guys?

this is a pretty important petition i think we need to pass around again. 

creepshots has both a tumblr and a twitter in which they openly accept demeaning pictures of women, WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. THESE IMAGES ARE TAKEN OF WOMEN WHO HAVE NO IDEA THEY ARE BEING PHOTOGRAPHED, AND THEN PUT ONLINE FOR THESE FUCKING WASTES OF SPACE TO “ENJOY”.

look at either of them if you want a taste, but be aware that comments such asShe fall from lifting the bar or lifting those tits?” are common on each and every unsolicited, disgustingly indulgent photo.

on top of this, they have allegedly accepted images of women in their own homes, taken by spouses or boyfriends without their partner’s consent.

this is not fucking fair.

this is fucking disgusting.

this is rape culture.

and we have no choice but to get together and shut them down.

please sign this fucking petition.

do the thing

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